If you have a foot problem, you’re not walking alone.¬† Four out of five adults eventually suffer from some sort of foot problem. Glenn Medical Center is pleased to have podiatrist, Dr. Redge Hawkley, a specialist in foot care available to help treat your foot problem.

Common foot problems treated by Dr. Hawkley include:

  • bunions
  • hammertoes
  • corns and calluses
  • blisters
  • fungal nails
  • heel pain/spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • ingrown nails
  • warts
  • neuromas
  • ankle pain
  • diabetic ulcers
  • shin splints
  • stress fractures
  • high arched feet
  • flat feet
  • arthritis
  • cysts
  • athlete’s foot

Redge Hawkley, Dr.

Dr. Redge Hawkley received his medical degree from Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine in 1979. He has practiced Podiatric Medicine in Northern California since receiving his degree and continues to provide services in the following cities: Paradise, Quincy, Gridley and Willows. He began practicing at Glenn Medical center in 1992.

Our goal is to ensure you experience compassionate, efficient and cost-effective treatment that is provided with regard for your overall health and well being.
We recommend that you seek professional care when any of these signs appear:

  • You have persistent pain in your feet or ankles.
  • You have noticeable change to your nails or skin.
  • Your feet have burning and tingling sensations.
  • Your feet are severely cracking, scaling, or peeling.
  • Your feet have feelings of cold, numbness or discoloration.
  • You have brittle toenails.
  • There are blisters on your feet.
  • Your toenail is getting thicker and causing you discomfort.
  • There are signs of bacterial infection, including:
    • Increased pain, swelling, redness, tenderness, or heat.
    • Red streaks extending from the affected area.
    • Discharge of pus.
    • Fever of 100 F(37.78 C) or higher with no other cause.
    • Symptoms that do not improve after two weeks of treatment with a non-prescription product.
    • Spreading of the infection to other areas, such as the nail bed, or skin under the nail, the nail itself, or the surrounding skin.
  • You have heel pain accompanied by a fever, redness (sometimes warmth) or numbness or tingling in your heel, or persistent pain without putting any weight or pressure on your heel, or the pain is not alleviated by ice, aspirin, (or ibuprofen or acetaminophen).
  • You have diabetes or certain diseases associated with poor circulation and you develop athlete’s foot. People with diabetes are at increased risk for a severe bacterial infection of the foot and leg if they have athlete`s foot.

New patients are welcome – no referrals needed. Medical, Medicare and most private insurances are accepted.

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