Glenn Medical Center, Inc. d/b/a/ Glenn Medical Center is a 501c (3) not for profit corporation. The Medical Center is governed by a five member Board. Each member of the Board has over 35 years of professional experience in the operation of acute care hospitals and clinics.

The Board meets on a regular basis. Other participants attending these regular meetings include the Chief of the Medical Staff, the Director of Nursing, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Director of Human Resources. The Board also receives quarterly updates from the Medical Center’s Quality Assurance Manager and may invite other Department Managers from time to time to discuss new programs, accomplishments and highlights.

The Board sets policy, identifies short and long range planning objectives, reviews and acts upon Medical Staff credentialing recommendations, approves the annual operating and capital budgets as well as the three year operating and capital budgets. The Board also reviews quality assurance performance, patient and employee safety activities, infection control recommendations, corporate compliance activities and other important issues vital to the operation to the Medical Center and services rendered to patients.