The equipment the GMF has helped us purchase includes:

  • Mammography Unite
  • Laparoscopic Surgery System
  • Patient Telemetry System
  • PACS
  • Refurbishment of inpatient rooms (2008 effort)
This is a tool for breast cancer screening.Laparoscopic Surgery System
Used by surgeons in the operating room. This type of surgery results in faster patient recuperations and small verses large incisions.

Patient Telemetry System
Patients in the hospital on the medical ward have a monitor attached to them while an inpatient. The nurses at the desk have a computer that is connected to the monitor and can then watch changing heart activity and report to the physician as needed.

Picture Archival Computer System (PACS)
Allows the patients radiology tests (MR and CT) to be digitized and then sent electronically over the internet to a Radiologist who can interpret the results and give immediate feedback to the ordering physician as needed.

Patient Room Project

We successfully completed the renovations of 6 patient rooms with new beds, tables, lighting, paint and other improvements to improve the comfort and well being of patients of the hospital.
C-ARM and laryngoscope
The C-Arm is an imaging device which allows physicians and surgeons immediate images while performing procedures. It works for both the Orthopaedist as well as the Pain Management physicians.
The laryngoscope provides doctors the ability to place a scope into the airway to improve breathing or to clear the patient’s airway.
Sleep study
The foundation provided funding to acquire a suite of 3 rooms equipped for sleep studies. Sleep disorders have been discovered to affect a wide variety of ailments and privides a valuable look into patient well being. This 2010 project has had a huge response and demand and the number of studies conducted is far above expectations.